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Aggression scene in a degraded urban area

Today’s Passage – 1 Samuel 25 – 27 (Click on the references to listen to the audio – Click here to view the passage from Blue Letter Bible)

(Second Milers read – Matthew 11 – 12; Proverbs 6; Psalms 26 – 30)

Read the “0405 Evening and Morning” devotion for today, by the late Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Good morning. There are many preachers in jail today because of our freedom of speech is becoming a myth, and it is considered breaking the law to tell the truth. If you Google it, the one who comes up most is a street preacher in the United Kingdom. He told a passerby that he thought homosexuality was a sin. The last time I looked, it was (and still is). What would you do in the same situation? What does the Bible say?

Twice in Ezekiel chapter 18, God says…

Ezekiel 33:1-8 tell us…

If I call a politician a liar who is just trying to keep his job, and not serving those who elected him; is that a hate crime? If I tell them they are going to spend all eternity in Hell; is that a hate crime? Jesus said…

When those in power started pushing evolution as a fact to be taught in schools, while God’s truth was removed; when those in power gave their blessing to abort babies; when those in power think more about being politically correct instead of correct, they stopped serving the people. So I ask you, which is the real hate crime? Telling others about sin and how Jesus died for their sins; or not saying anything, and allowing them to go to Hell? The way the world is going, if Jesus delays His return, you may have to decide.

God’s Word is clear: Jesus died for the sins of the world: He shed His precious blood: He paid sin’s wage for us. We need to share this with others no matter what the consequences. The only sin that will not be forgiven is blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. Just like you and me, others need to decide to reject or receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour. Don’t be afraid of telling people about Jesus.


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Bob Fenton
Bob Fenton
1 month ago

Amen Pastor Ted

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