Where are the Men?

Today’s Passage – Isaiah 1 – 4

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. (Isaiah 3:12)

Isaiah is writing at a time when the people of Israel and Judah were in economic prosperity but spiritual and moral depravity. The end of chapter 3 records that the people were very proud, they were full with possessions and pleasure; but they were far away from God. God warns them through the writing of Isaiah that judgment will come. It is important to keep in mind as we read this Book of Isaiah that we understand that God is often dealing with the present condition of Israel and Judah 800 years or so before the time of Christ; but he also deals prophetically with Israel and others in the last days: he speaks much about the future Millennial Kingdom of Christ. Here in chapter 3 he is specifically speaking of Israel; but the application can be made to us today.

The condition of our nation is very similar to Israel and Judah prior to the judgment that came through the nation of Assyria and later Babylon. We are a very proud and prosperous people. This prideful attitude permeates our society. We scream out with our lives that we don’t need God; and we certainly aren’t going to submit to Him. Notice in the verse above that the women are ruling. I don’t think that this is a slap against women as much as it is a statement that the men were not fulfilling their God given roles as leaders. We have the same problems in our society today. The men are abdicating their responsibility as the leaders in the homes, and in the nation. Our churches are full of women that will volunteer for anything; but where are the men? Why are their so few men who will take on the responsibility of leadership?

We need men that will lead their families. We need some strong men who will be leaders in our communities and in this nation. We need men who will teach and mentor and lead in our churches. I praise the Lord for the woman have stood in the gap and taken on some leadership positions. Many of these ladies are doing a great job; but we need men to step up to the plate and assume the responsibilities intended to them by God.

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