Plenty More Where That Came From

Today’s Passage – 2 Chronicles 25 – 28; Proverbs 23

(Second Milers also read – Acts 22 – 24; Memorize Proverbs 11:14)

“And Amaziah said to the man of God, But what shall we do for the hundred talents which I have given to the army of Israel? And the man of God answered, The LORD is able to give thee much more than this.” (2 Chronicles 25:9)

In the three chapters we have read today we see pretty much the same pattern that we have observed throughout the Chronicles of the kings of Israel and Judah.  That is, if the king was following the Lord and submitting to His will, His reign was blessed and prosperous.  Conversely, if the king chooses to forsake God, then God also would forsake him.  Out the window would go God’s provision and protection.

I was caught by the story in chapter 25 regarding the King of Judah, Amaziah, hiring 100,000 men out of Israel to help him fight against the Edomites.  He paid 7500 pounds of silver to the Israelites in order to hire them.  God was not pleased with Judah yoking up with Israel for this battle, and He sent a man of God to Amaziah to tell him to fire the Israelites and send them home.  Amaziah was willing to do this, but was upset about the money that he had already spent.  God assured him that there was plenty more where that came from.

I got to thinking about how many times God’s people get messed up over money.  Sometimes we get into a dispute with our brothers and sisters in Christ over some business deal; and we find ourselves fighting over money.  Can I give you some advice:  give in; don’t fight over money.  If someone is insisting that you owe them something, give it to them.  You might say, why would I do that?  Because your relationship with people is more important than any amount of money; and if you do the right thing, God will replace what you lose with interest.  We stress far too much about money.  We give it to the church; but tie a string from ourselves to the money, and then get upset about it later.  Don’t give it if you can’t completely let go of it.  It really comes down to a matter of faith.  If God asks you to give it, then give it.  He has more to give you, and He will bless abundantly the person that trusts Him with their money.

The king of Judah almost continued in a bad plan, simply because he had already laid out the money for it.  He almost let money cause the destruction of his nation.  Many a Christian I know has allowed the love of money to destroy them.  My preacher used to say, “God’s got plenty of money”.  And you and I can get all that we need if we will be willing to let go what He has already given us.  It’s all His anyway.  I am not talking about being a bad steward here; but I am saying that we need to be able to let go of HIS money, anytime He asks us to.

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