A Little Humility Goes A Long Way

Todays Reading – 1 Kings 20 & 21

Ahab was probably the worst king in Israel’s history.  He tolerated all kinds of immorality and idolatry in his kingdom and even promoted it.  He married a woman (Jezebel) whose name has become synonomous with wickedness.   Together, Ahab and Jezebel were responsible for the slaughter of many of the prophets of the Lord in Israel.  These were bad people. Ahab was a bad man and an even worse king.

Notice, however, in the last part of chapter 21.  Ahab humbled himself before the Lord.  Now don’t misunderstand, this was not a complete turnaround.  He didn’t surrender to go to the mission field or anything like that; but he did humble himself before the Lord; and as a result, God spared him some of the judgment that he had planned for him.  Apparently, a little humility went a long way for Ahab.

I don’t think there are too many people reading this that are as wicked as old King Ahab; but it would do us well to follow his example in just this one instance.  Let’s kill some of the pride in our lives and humble ourselves before the Lord.  Let’s surrender to Him and submit ourselves to His will for our lives.  Let’s allow him to correct us when necessary.  It may just be that a little humility before the Lord will go a long way in our lives as well.

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Brian L.
Brian L.
14 years ago

The way I interpret this passage is how it is applicable to decision making. Unlike king Ahab we are not all “kings”. so I ask myself, what is it that I may feel I am “king” of? Well, a simple answer can be how I make decisions that will affect my life or others. we all make decisions we are not proud of and many (yes including myself) do it on a daily basis.

The dilemma is how long will that go on until we self-consciously understand that is not what God wants, planned or approves of? How long until we repent? King Ahab FINALLY submitted and humbled himself to the Lord (which then turned into God sparing him from SOME of his judgement).

Yes, to accept Christ into your life and submitting oneself to God takes pride in yourself out of the equation. In prayer, repenting to God your faults in life takes pride out… But, as it did for a person as bad as king Ahab, submitting youself to God can go a long way.
King Ahab had “pride”, but what good is that pride? I believe that pride in what you have done, how you feel or what this world produces is no where in the same realm or sphere to the grace God has for us.

Pride is like a fire which can consume and burn everything if not controlled. But, like fire pride can be altered and controlled to produce something good/beneficial.
I have pride in knowing and accepting I am under God and I submit and humble myself to Him. My pride is in knowing I am DEPENDANT on God by being saved through Christ. My pride is not in myself, but having confidence and self-awareness that God is in my life giving me the tools I need to fulfill my calling under His name.

Pride…for me is dignified sense, knowing God is in my life and allowing him to be active in my conscious.

but, having pride and being in opposition or “unaware” of God…is dead, useless and counter-productive (i.e. King Ahab).

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