No Directions, Just Faith … by Lexi Scates

Today’s Passage – Judges 18 – 19 (Click on the references to listen to the audio – Click here to view the passage from Blue Letter Bible)

(Second Milers also read – Revelation 1 – 3;  Proverbs 26Psalms 126 – 130)

Listen to this morning’s Scripture song –  Psalm 61:1 – 3

Read the “0326 Evening and Morning” devotion for today, by the late Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

“And they said unto him, Ask counsel, we pray thee, of God, that we may know whether our way which we go shall be prosperous. And the priest said unto them, Go in peace: before the LORD is your way wherein ye go.” (Judges 18:5-6)

In the beginning of chapter 18 it prefaces how during this time in Israel there was no king, and the tribe of the Danites were seeking a place to dwell. They were looking for success with their next steps and they wanted a clear path on how to get there. But, they had no leader, no guidance, and no sense of direction. The Danites seek the prayer and guidance of a priest, and the priest gives them an answer that is never easy to hear. To simply take the steps in your journey and the directions will come from God. I cannot count how many times I have asked God about the next steps, the game plan, and the end goal when clearly He just wants us to go… No questions asked, no map, no final destination but just go. I am a planner, I like setting goals, I like overthinking, and I like knowing where I am heading to the point where I stress immensely until I know exactly how it will go. But how easy would it be to just take the small steps of faith, and let God lead “wherein ye go”. 

“And they said, Arise, that we may go up against them: for we have seen the land, and, behold, it is very good: and are ye still? be not slothful to go, and to enter to possess the land. When ye go, ye shall come unto a people secure, and to a large land: for God hath given it into your hands; a place where there is no want of any thing that is in the earth.” (Judges 18:9-10)

The Danites were delivered into a land that was better than anything they could have thought, created, or planned and surely better than they deserved. When we put our trust in Him and take our hands off, God will give us His better plans into our hands. Although the fear of not knowing and not having total control can be unbearable, knowing there is a God who will take complete control is a settling thought. Taking a leap of faith and letting Him lead will bring us to a place of no disappointment “a place where there is no want of anything”. Therefore having “no directions”, but faith can lead to an amazing destination.

Lexi Scates and Hannah Erickson

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